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All about Embroidery Digitizing

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All about Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is an art form that analyzes the digitization that needs to be performed when you opt for embroidery on a woven fabric or cloth. The things sound different when you print the same on a paper and on a fabric. The designing process needs to be simplified just like certain lines might not fine on a fabric or a certain section of text must be enlarged or shortened for better results.
Embroidery digitizing is a broad concept and several things have to be kept in mind before finalizing the results. Here’s a guide that will help you know all about embroidery digitizing:

  • The ‘Pathing’ process

The embroidery program helps to create a stitch file, where the digitizer decides the pathing process. The pathing actually implies the order in which the stitching will be performed. Deciding an efficient path is important as it would determine how the final outcome would actually look like. Improper choice can lead to several unexpected results which will give you a fuzzy look with unordered gaps or effects in the outcome.

  • The stitch Types

There are different stitches out there that can represent an artwork and choosing the right stitch will help you attain your goal of perfection. The three fundamental stitch types include run stitches, satin stitches and fill stitches each having a specific usage of its own. The fill stitches are usually used to cover large areas, satin stitch can help you attain a solid fill and run stitches are mostly used in hand sewing. You must take into consideration the underlying fabric while choosing the righteous stitch type.

  • Finishing up the digitized work

Once you are done with the digitizing work, you are left with finishing up the task which can never be ignored as it determines the quality of the outcome. It involves a long list of tasks which involve spot removal from the design, trimming of the extra threads, removing the marks between finalizing the artwork and packaging the same for your customer. Doing effective finishing will always help you attain better outcome.

  • Further categorization in embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is no longer a restricted domain; instead it further comes in different types that can help you select the digitizing you should opt for. Some of the well known digitizing companies offer all these forms which include the following:
o 3D embroidery logo digitizing your custom logo
o Basic logo embroidery digitizing
o Basic text embroidery digitizing
o Crest embroidery digitizing
o Large Chest complex logo embroidery digitizing
While you choose for the digitizing services, keep in mind the amount you are offering to perform the same.

  • The digitizing software

The software you choose for embroidery digitizing has a lot to say about the quality of your final outcome. Some of the well known software for the process includes Wilcom, embroidery studio or decostudio. The software when used by a professional ensures that you attain an accurate result of embroidery digitizing. Choosing the right digitizing software can help you loosen the burden of your task with finest quality output.

Embroidery digitizing is an art that can turn even complex designs into reality. If you too want to get your logo digitized, you can always opt for the same at Swift Artwork and we ensure quality results at the most convenient price.

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