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Art of Screen Printing Which Will Boost Your Business Standards

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Art of Screen Printing Which Will Boost Your Business Standards

Screen printing is also known by the name of silk printing. It is a cost effective and fast method for having a message, personal design or a company logo print on a fabric.

Some of the most common items which are utilised for advertising your company, church, reunion, organisation, group, sorority, school are company t-shirts, coffee cups, Koozie cups, sweatshirts or company logo shirts. These above-mentioned items are widely used for promotion.

There is large number of different business who use to provide different t-shirts for promoting their products but as we know only well-designed and attractive t-shirts will be successful in grabbing the attention of people. If you want to promote your business then choosing t-shirts for promotion by printing your particular brand logo on them is one of the best options.

Your Company Logo

A logo is a key which is used for building the image and identity of your company. Make sure the logo which you will be going to choose for your business both nature as well as the character of your business.

Some of the most essential points which you need to keep in mind that your designer must be aware of before designing logo are

1. First of all, you need to be concise with your designers. When you will be going to order company logo design, provide them with them clear instructions of the style and tone which you’d like your logo to have.
2. Take time for asking them about what they think would be best.
3. Make sure that they have a clear definition of your business.

If you are planning to create your logo then get it done as soon as possible with the help of a professional. It is important to note that amateur logo will decrease your business profit where as a good logo will boost your business profit.

The art process

Once your brand logo is ready by designers, now you can further start the process of screen printing.

Make sure an organization which have produced your logo must produce art in different available formats such as

Vector artwork

Vector artwork is a most coveted format. Some of the most common applications used for vector artwork are Macromedia freehand version MX, CorelDraw Version X3, Adobe Illustrator CS3 etc. Additionally, you also need to verify that text is converted to curves, path, outlines are placed correctly or not. Once vector artwork process is completed, it is further forwarded to the printer where the separations are printed out.

If you are in a search of a reputed and high quality digitized and vector artwork organization which providing outstanding artwork service for various companies then choose Swift Artwork. We specialize in the embroidery digitizing, vectorisation, color separation, Artwork cleaning service, leavers 16 designs, CMYK color separation, designing.

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