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In which ought i score sexual health advice, now?

In which ought i score sexual health advice, now?

Can i have an intimately transmitted problems (STI)?

When you yourself have had non-safe sex (in the place of an excellent condom), you will find a go you’ll have stuck a sexually transmitted illness (STI).

  • haven’t had symptoms, but are worried maybe you have an enthusiastic STI
  • has symptoms, such as for instance an unusual release
  • end up being anything is actually incorrect

When you are intimately productive, sometimes stop having sexual intercourse otherwise make sure to explore a condom unless you ensure you get your test results and know definitely if or not or perhaps not you’ve got an STI.

If you do have an enthusiastic STI, having fun with a condom will assist prevent passage it towards. Your own intimate lovers might also want to get examined.

You can get 100 % free, private guidance and you may medication from the GP or specialist centers into the your neighborhood, including if you find yourself significantly less than sixteen.