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This new Igbo Old-fashioned Wedding service (Igba Nkwu)

This new Igbo Old-fashioned Wedding service (Igba Nkwu)

Therefore we all the know the typical facts. A lovely woman suits it good looking prince pleasant. They go to chapel, display some intimate vows, vow paradise on the planet to one another. kiss. dancing. toast. honeymoon. plus they live happily ever before after.

It fall in love, after that son and girl choose to be married

Better. that’s not the case in which I-come away from! Infact, let’s rewind a little while, since the I’m out of Nigeria, Umuahia to be precised. In Nigeria you will find most rich cultural assortment. But, I am an igbo woman, thus i would-be suggesting in the engaged and getting married the latest igbo way. We call it. IGBA NKWU

Relationships try a valuable the main igbo community, while the conventional rites connected to which is actually drawn most definitely because of the parents inside.

The conventional wedding during the Igbo belongings is an incredibly joyful and you will colorful experience that’s split into four head parts.

  1. Iku aka (to bump) often referred to as Iju ese (to enquire)
  2. Ime ihe Umunna,
  3. Ime ihe pride, and finally
  4. Igba Nkwu.

Iku aka/ Iju ese Sadly, the newest Igbo culture isn’t including the modern day proposition in which he continues on their hips so you’re able to decide to his girlfriend. Truly the first step is the fact that the guy goes toward the newest lady loved ones domestic, close to his father and you will pair intimate family members to see brand new girl’s dad or protector.