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Embroidery Digitizing & Screen Printing: Everything You Need To Know

Embroidery Digitizing & Screen Printing: Everything You Need To Know

Embroidery digitizing is the presently famous technique that would help you make your garments special and better at every step. Any image, pattern, design or drawing that has appealed to you can now be made a part of your garment with the well versed technology embroidery digitizing and screen printing techniques. Be it the logo of your company, the name of sports team you play for, any graphic that has attracted you can now be laid as such on your favorite cloth.

Before you look forward to embroidery and screen printing you must know certain things in order to get the perfect outcome:

  • Choose the fine quality cloth

The cloth or the garment on which you want your design to lay its mark should be a quality product. Better the quality of the underlying fiber better would be the clarity of the design.

  • Choose the embroidery pattern, design or graphic wisely

The design you want to embroider on the garment should not be too complex as it can deteriorate the quality of the overall apparel. However if a complex logo is all you want then there are expertise who cater to the same. The embroidery digitizing is a technical task that requires effective skill set. The embroidery pattern or design you choose should be chosen wisely as it would be the customization you create. The colors of the pattern should also be taken into consideration.

  • Screen printing is the game of inks

Screen printing is an art with the help of which any graphic item can be a part of your garment. The different shapes or designs are created with the help of basic colors and the choice of colors depends upon the agency that is catering to your needs. The basic color combination schemes used are CMYK and RGB. Depending upon the quality of printed garment you want the variation in number of colors can be done. The layers and how they are portrayed also plays an important part of screen printing.

  • You can choose the font you want with digitizing

Digitizing helps you see how a pattern would appear on screen without getting it actually printed on your garment. This helps you visualize how the design would actually look like and formulate any changes in it as per your convenience. This helps you avoid mistakes and moreover come out with a design that is pre planned and as per your requisite.

  • Customising your apparels with embroidery digitizing and screen printing is simpler

Customising your garments is made simpler with embroidery digitizing and screen printing. The distinction between embroidery and screen printing can be made based upon the fabric of the underlying cloth and the type of output you want. Screen printing is usually ideal for cotton T-shirts whereas embroidery is suitable for the clothes with thicker fabric where the pattern appears to be a bit outwards. The company logos are made attractive through embroidery whereas the techniques like screen printing is suitable for getting natural scenery or graphic printed. Based upon your requirements you can assess both techniques and choose the one that is suitable for you. You can take the help of requirements in case you have a confusion dealing with the same.

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