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Embroidery Digitizing – Why You Need an Embroidery Digitizer?

Embroidery Digitizing – Why You Need an Embroidery Digitizer?

If you have seen any company promoting their business with any printed T-shirts or any other personalised product highlighting their company profile or any other product, then this is certainly an outcome of embroidery digitizing. Before bringing out the final designs on any garment or the desired product, ‘digitizing’ is performed. Digitizing can be treated as an initial stage of embroidery but is one of the most important step as it would determine what you are actually going to see.

Embroidery digitizing is not a handy job; it is an in depth process of converting an existing or pre-created artwork into fine quality embroidery work. If you prefer quality work an embroidery digitizer is all you need for the following reasons:

  • Know the work of embroidery digitizer software

Embroidery digitizer is a software that helps the garment industry to improve the quality of design and embroidery. The technology helps to convert the artwork into digitized form. Doing the work technically, would help to reduce the cost of operation of digitizing, increase the perfection level of the artwork and moreover attain the flexibility of bringing out the same on multiple products.

  • Digitizing is a complex task

Yes, digitizing is a complex task and can be performed efficiently only by professional experts. Efficient digitizing is the way for producing fine embroidery. Digitizing involves the undermentioned set of tasks:

  • Examine the original artwork

The original artwork you have created or are designed previously are examined by the embroidery digitizer, potential defects in the same are noted and amendments to the same are made.

  • Perform the digitizing manually

Before implementing digitizing through any software, the manual operations are performed by the embroidery digitizer, which otherwise would not have been possible by any newbie. It is actually a custom step to embroidery.

  • The embroidery digitizer uses the right software

The manual work at next step is converted to the computerized digitized work so that it becomes easier to implement the same. Only the experts in the domain knows which is the right software for your kind of work.

  • Create Stitch information

The stitch file information is also created by an embroidery digitizer which determined the thread density you are going to require and other stitch information that would be required by you in the later stages. Producing the information with the help of embroidery digitizer would provide error free result.

  • The personalised embroidery digitizer

You can always hire a personalised embroidery digitizer for your business no matter if it is small scale or large scale, a personal embroidery digitizer would help you cater to following areas:

  • Reduce the work load

The work load you have been carrying of bringing out the finest designs for your clients would be reduced and you will be only left with the final stage of embroidery.

  • Hire a professional

A professional embroidery digitizer is someone who has an expertise in the domain and it becomes easier for him to recognize the kind of service you require. Also the minor faults that exists in your artwork are detected by an expertise.

  • Reach for perfection

In this era of perfection, nobody likes imperfect or half done work and your client certainly pays for you the quality work. Hiring an embroidery digitizer would help you attain the perfection goals and maintain lifetime relations with your clients.

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