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How Can You Protect Your White Picture Frames?

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How Can You Protect Your White Picture Frames?

Picture Frames are used to protect photographs. How will you feel if your favorite photograph gets damaged just because of your carelessness? If you do not want this situation to take place then just follow these simple easy tips to protect your white picture frames.

Make sure that your portrait is not in direct contact with the sunlight because ultraviolet rays of sun a harmful effect and can cause damage to it. It may also lead to fading away of colors of both your picture as well as a frame. So, for avoiding such sun-related damage keep it away from sunlight. If in case, you cannot place your frame where there is no sunlight then, in this case, you can make use of a glass or either you can cover it along with acrylic UV coating. This will help in minimizing the risk by reducing the exposure to UV rays.

Moisture is another thing from which you need to keep you photo frame safe. Never place your artwork in a moist area. Moisture can get inside if your mold has a sealed back. Bathrooms and kitchens are two common areas where you must be careful while displaying any of your art-pieces.

It is important to note that capped frames does not allow dust to enter but can easily catch moisture. Usually, ready made molds do not have this issue as the design allows them to breathe. It will enable the picture to fully absorb all the wetness. And when you will try to peel it off, the photo emulsion will be removed.

If in case, you want to pack or store your frame then always pack them in a protective packaging like bubble wrap, it will protect it from any damage.

Moisture gets developed with the continuous use of spray cleaners. Excess use of spray cleaners can ruin your irreplaceable memories. So, whenever you plan to clear it just remove your photo from the frame before tying it up. And if you do not want to remove it then make use a slightly dampened towel, so that no harm can cause.

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