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Screen Printing

Swift Artwork / Screen Printing

If you are looking to order larger quantities of printed garments while keeping the costs low and desire good quality printing this is the most efficient option for you.

Screen printing is a process in which the ink is pushed through a silk screen mesh, which has been coated with a photo sensitive emulsion. Screen printing is very cost effective when we produce larger quantities. Additionally with screen printing we can achieve some of the brightest and most vibrant looking colors. Moreover, with our printing facilities, we can produce designs with as much as 8 colors.

When it comes to printing on dark color garments, such as black and navy blue t-shirts, we have lay down a white under base to achieve a bright looking color. Sometimes we can achieve various shades on a single color using halftones. Halftone is the reprographic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots. When the garment is finally printed, we ensure that the ink is dried and cured properly so the garment lasts wash after wash. For this, we run the printed items through an electric drier, which uses its cutting edge technology to distribute the heat evenly all through out the surface of the garment.

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