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Vinyl Printing

Swift Artwork / Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is an option for those who are looking for smaller batches to be produced in a most cost effective manner. Ideal for designs which are less detailed and are 1 or 2 colour print. The best option for having individual names and/ or number printed for a sports event.

Although vinyl printing works out cheaper for smaller orders, it should not be considered an option if you wish to place orders of 50 or more units, since screen printing will be a better option in that case. The method works with vinyl sheets placed on a cad cutter, with the file uploaded, which then plots the design onto the sheet. Once the design is plotted, we can then simply heat press it on to the garment.

Works best will cotton and poly cotton garments, as this allows us to set the heat press at high temperature, resulting on a long lasting quality.

Our prices for vinyl printing depends on how detailed a design is and how many units you order. Below is a rough estimate for printing costs only – ie doesn’t include the garment.

10 vinyl printed garments – £1.50/ unit

25 vinyl printed garments – £1.25/ unit

50 vinyl printed garments – £1.00/ unit