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Swift Artwork / FAQ’s

How do we make payment?

We offer PayPal, card, BACS, cheque or a 30 days credit – most of our screen printing customers have a 30 day credit but we also take payment PayPal for smaller customers

How secure is this website and is info or data being shared?

We do not share any date and our site is 100% secure with a SSL encryption.

Wher are you based and what are your hours of operation?

We are based in East London and open 9:30 to 6:30pm Mon to Sat. We colour separate and prepare artwork 7 days a week so although we are not open on Sunday we are still working in the office.

Which format do I get the file?

We email and work in many formats like esp, pdf, jpg, psd, corel etc As a graphic company we have many software and tools and cater your needs.

How do I set up an account?

Please email us on with your details and what aspects of our services do you require e.g. screen printing file set up, embroidery digitised files, vinyl design set up etc.

How do I upload files to your site?

You can email us on

How does your billing work?

If you have an account with us we work on 15 days and 30 days payment cycle so all designs made during that time we will send you an invoice to make payment. For smaller companies they would need to make payment once the artwork is ready.

I need to upload more than one file for my order?

If you email us we will try to work with your artwork and any questions we can always talk on the phone.

How do I get a quote?

Once we have a customer on board we give them a package where from simple to complex designs we keep 1 fixed price so its easy for them to work with.

What is your price on digitizing (.DST files)?

For regular customers we have a fixed price of £5 per design which is for simple and more complex designs.

What is your cut off time for Digitizing or Vectorizing service for next day service?

Orders placed before 5pm will be next day – if a design is really urgent we can try to work same day but that depends on how much time is needed on your artwork.

Do you offer same day service?

Yes we do for most artworks some designs can be very complex which may take time.

How do I make corrections?

Edits are free for an order – any corrections we will do without any charge.

I want my artwork to be color separated for screenprinting?

Most of our customers are screen printers so we understand the printing and we will prepare the artwork based on your needs also recommend you mesh counts to use to get the best results.