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Embroidery Digitizing

Swift Artwork / Embroidery Digitizing

We have hands on experience in digitizing files – our experience does not includes us digitising files but we also understand the complexity of embroidery and the different fabrications. If customer is working with towel fabric then we ensure the underlay is placed. We work with smaller logos and to more complex designs. Our price range is from £5 to £20 per file depending on the complex work but for regular clients we keep a fixed price for all simple and complex jobs. For more information or if you need a quote feel free to email us on today

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Embroidery digitizing service from our London studio

We at are a group of professional designers based in East London who have been digitizing for the UK market for last many years. We work with schools, colleges, businesses and other intuitions and digitise artwork which customers send in JPG to a embroidery file ready to be embroidered. We take great time and care when we are digitizing the embroidery work and to ensure the stitch count is optimal to let the design run quick on the machine and at the same time to great care is taken to ensure the design looks great on the garment with all its necessary underlay.

Embroidery files with accuracy when on complex stitch counts .

We bring complex design to reality in embroidery work – this includes not just simple logos but we also work with complex crest designs which have a high stitch counts. Even when it comes to small deatils we take immense care to ensure the digitized file is top quality.

No hidden charges for our digitizing work

We like to work with our customers for the long term which means we have no hidden charges and will do the work based on a flat rate for most logos. For edit and changes we do not charge anything additional and like our customers to feel like their personal digitizer.

We use industry best digitizing software like Wilcom, EmbroideryStudio or DecoStudio

Our network of team work with the best digitizing software like WILCOM to do the work and with the latest updates you can see the result to ensure your artwork is best and with the least thread breaks. If you as a embroidery company do not need the full packages like DecoStudio etc then Wilcom TrueSizer Pro is ideal for many companies to work with. The TrueSizer pro takes it one step further from the free version to allow customers to save multicolour ways, view designs and visuals on garments etc and also print out run sheets for jobs. If you need artwork to be approved by your customer then TrueSizer Pro is a great product to work with.