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Blog for all tips and tricks for digital graphics and colour separation Our blog section brings all the top news in the graphic industry from the best tips on colour separating using your favourite software like Adobe and much more. We also cover screen printing tips when getting your artwork ready and some great ideas on getting your embroidery designs ready for 3D designs. If you need help in your artwork and need us to do the work then email us on - we are based in London and offer the embroidery and printing industry all their artwork needs - Fast and at low prices.!

How Can You Protect Your White Picture Frames?

Picture Frames are used to protect photographs. How will you feel if your favorite photograph gets damaged just because of your carelessness? If you do not want this situation to take place then just follow these simple easy tips to protect your white picture frames. Make...

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Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing – Designing Clothes in a Convenient Way

Embroidery digitizing is a process that converts your image file into a workable embroidery file. These days starting an embroidery digitizing service is not that much difficult. Equipments and softwares needed for digitizing embroidery have become reasonable. Even if you are starting from scratch you...

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Embroidery: Selling Your Business Brand On Everyday Garments

In today's ultra-competitive business environment, the importance of brand awareness as well as corporate identity cannot be overstated. Having your particular artwork or logo embroidered on cloths or other products will create a positive and professional image, one that most companies are keen to foster. It...

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5 Reasons Which Shows the Need of an Embroidery Digitizer

Digitizing embroidery simply means creating fashionable and varied forms of embroidery by making use of computer generated software as well as applications. A large number of different embroidery digitizing organizations have come up all around the globe for meeting current standards and the vast range...

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Making Digital Photo Printing Better

These days, digital photo printing has taken a photo printing industry into a roar phase with its ready to use and simple technology. In digital photo printing, you can easily get the images chosen printed by making use of very simple commands in the computer. There...

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All about Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is an art form that analyzes the digitization that needs to be performed when you opt for embroidery on a woven fabric or cloth. The things sound different when you print the same on a paper and on a fabric. The designing process...

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